I see lots of things

I see things.

I’ve seen children of means doing demeaning things.
And sons of poverty who spread their wings.

I’ve seen grown men beg for life,
And children throw it away to avoid a little strife.

I’ve seen grandiose homes with filth and grime,
And homeless camps that pristinely shine.

I have seen some men tell the truth.
I’ve seen more lie despite the proof.

I’ve seen sorrow and courage,
Calm and rage.

I’ve seen precious little contentment and plenty of resentment.

I’ve heard women scream as I stand at their door,
Because I’ve come to tell them they aren’t mothers anymore.

I’ve seen bad men get their due,
And self righteous ones who have no clue.

I’ve seen lots of things as a police man.
Some things others never can.


Family Man

Now has come the time of day,
When the good little boys go out to play.
And by play I mean work and toil and strain,
To make a living and create gain.
With tired eyes he rises early,
To face the world so bleak and surly.
And goes out to face the day.
He hopes to improve the way,
His family lives.
And so he gives,
His sweat, blood and tears.
He faces many fears,
But never backs down to a single one.
Not till his day is done,
And he can finally return to the sweet embrace,
Of his loving wife and her tender grace.


Letter to My Future Love

Beautiful girl,
As long as the earth continues to whirl,
I will wait for you.
I will love you too.
Sweet love of mine,
As long as the stars still shine,
I will always be true.
I will protect you.
My Wife to be,
Though your face my eyes have yet to see,
I will always pursue.
I will find a clue.
Lonely girl out there,
Please know that I already care.
And if you will say “I do”
I will say so too.


I Wish to Dream

I hope to have a dream, so that I may see her.
For it is sweeter than cream, even in the nocturnal blur,
To listen to her voice, and hear what she has had to ponder.
Absent from her my only choice, is to see her as I wonder,

Through a World of my creation, as I lie in slumber.
And by doing so to have some relation to her as I slowly lumber,
Through the realms of sleep. Though not as good as reality,
This illusion drags my spirits from the deep with a burst of cheerful mentality.


What is Worth?

What is Worth,
Here on Earth?
Is it how useful you are?
That is easy to mar.
Is it your beauty?
Or can it be found in duty?
I think it’s a mixture,
And an innate fixture.
It’s in the fact that God made you.
And also too,
That we are each unique.
Some aggressive, others meek.
We each have a purpose and there is a plan,
For each girl, boy, woman and man.
In one aspect it is true,
I can subtract from my value.
But on the other hand, when I do,
I gain other traits to use in lieu,
Of those I lost and now can serve,
Others, so their paths won’t curve,
And move into the area that is oblique.
Instead I can help as they seek,
To avoid the pitfalls that I made,
And be spared the price I paid.
God loves us and so we are,
A great treasure that’s on par,
With all the riches of the World,
If they were laid out and unfurled.