Family Man

Now has come the time of day,
When the good little boys go out to play.
And by play I mean work and toil and strain,
To make a living and create gain.
With tired eyes he rises early,
To face the world so bleak and surly.
And goes out to face the day.
He hopes to improve the way,
His family lives.
And so he gives,
His sweat, blood and tears.
He faces many fears,
But never backs down to a single one.
Not till his day is done,
And he can finally return to the sweet embrace,
Of his loving wife and her tender grace.



Man: A Noun

To be a man is many things.
It is to sit on the throne,
and to walk alone.
It is to have great power,
but never to cower.
One has to stand strong when feeling weak,
and show his pride by being meek.
To be a man is many things.

A man’s life is full.
A man must be a rock,
when others reel in shock.
Always there when others need.
Always kind in word and deed.
He is solid, dependable and wise.
Any fear he tries to disguise.
A man’s life is full.

A man is noble.
A man’s word is his bond.
He cherishes it as the fairy her wand.
A man knows to be humble,
when his manners he did fumble.
And it is an absolute must,
that in his Maker he doth trust.
A man is noble.


The Knight

A young Knight set out one day,
Decked out with sword and fine array.
He went to find a noble fight,
Some evil thing that he might smite.
His great wish was to find a maiden,
Who with distress was heavy laden.
So that the day he might save,
And win the love he so did crave.
So he searched far and wide,
To find the place where she might bide.
Her dragon he would slay,
And be the hero of the day!
But when she, he finally found,
It took no time till his hopes were downed.
The truth which his spirits daunted,
Was that he was simply not wanted.
For him she had no use,
So she said, Adieu, Goodbye, Tchüss!
Away he wandered and his hopes did fade,
And now he’s the Knight with no Crusade.


Eight Days Short Of 24

Eight days shy of 24.
I they say a man’s legs are long enough to reach the floor.
I wonder am I a man yet?
I’m not sure I match that set.

Men always seem so sure,
While I’m sitting here wondering if there’s a cure,
For the fear and uncertainty I feel.
All I want to be is real.

I want to be sure of the steps I take.
And not question the decisions I make.
I don’t want to care about what nobodies think.
I’d like to have the guts to see a pretty girl and wink.

I’m tired of being a basket of nerves,
As I maneuver life’s curves.
I’m determined that one day,
I will be that way.

I will be Sanford with who I am.
I’ll always be me and not a sham.
I’ll have the courage to handle scary situations,
And act with confidence in all my relations.


Hard Hands

Tough skin,
It’s hard to win.

Each callus tells a story,
Of a battle fought without glory.

Scars, scratches and blisters,
These are like three sisters.

They are the proof of hands well used.
Made to work hard and often abused.

But embedded with the callus and scars of days gone by,
Is a pride that will never die.

Because honest labor is in high demand,
Tough skin is a badge of honor for a well worked hand.


Marching Onward

I felt so close.
Now I’m back to the “1” square.
Of hope I got a dose.
Now it’s hard not to despair.

Now I’m back at the beginning,
It’s important to stand back up,
Because therein lies my single chance of winning.
I am not a whipped pup.

I am a man.
Through trail I stand.
When asked I state “I can.”
My muscles grow hard and my back tanned.

Each setback strengthens me for victory.
Every loss makes me more resolute.
I learn from my history,
And build determination that cannot dilute.

I march forward,
Ever onward,
Always toward,
Final reward.


Show No Weakness

Hold it in, don’t let them see.
Nothing can be wrong with me.
I’m perfect, happy, everything is fine.
Everything I want is mine.

Help is something I do not need,
Help is for a weaker breed.
No one must ever be allowed to see,
What hides deep inside of me.

No one can see the fear,
Or know when I shed a tear,
I am perfect, I am fine.
As a man I will always decline.

Help you offer because it’s not needed,
Please don’t find me conceited.
Leave me one little speck of pride,
And by this one rule, please abide.

The way I feel I’m supposed to act.