Love Letter To My Darling

Oh my darling, I love you so.
You are my everything and cure my woe.

I feel strong when you stand beside me.
And your wisdom helps me clearly see.

My love for you blooms like a flower.
It grips me with ever growing power.

I cannot escape it. I am your slave.
Though others may think I rant and rave,

For the first time ever my path is clear.
My purpose is to hold and protect you my dear.

To the world you will be my wife.
But to me, you are my life.



A Love Poem

I can always count on you.
To me you have always been true.
Your warmth always soothes my pain,
And you ease my mind of strain.
On cold nights I know you’re there.
And so I will always care.
You never fail to interest me,
With all your spectrum that I see.
In winter you are steamy and hot,
And you occupy my waking thought.
In summer you sooth me with coolness.
Always sweet and and without bitter cruelness.
You will always be the one for me.
No other drink is as good as tea.


Silly Poems

I write silly poems to distract my mind,
From loneliness and depression which continually grind,
My hopes to dust.
All I want to do is trust,
That God has a reason,
And that this season,
Will lead to happier times.
Then all of my rhymes,
Will be a reflection,
Of a happy heart instead of a deflection,
To make the sad thoughts go away.
That will be a happy day.
But for now I’m lonely,
And feel like the only,
Man in the world.
So I lie here curled,
In a ball and pray to be courageous,
And write poems that are outrageous,
And of the kind,
That will distract my mind.



I want someone to share my soul,
And help me preform the role.
Which God has placed in my care.
One with a disposition fair,
And beauty that astounds me too.
Her words should imbue,
My mind with thoughts of greater things,
And renew my wings,
Like the eagle from the verse.
I want her to immerse,
Herself in the Lord,
As she makes herself my ward.

~ IV

Your Little Bell

Smoothly came the tingle of a little bell,
sweetly ringing in my ear.
As the sounds upon my senses fell,
I realized them to be the tones I hold so dear.
The sound made me think of a joyous dance,
Performed neath sparkling rays of Sun.
The notes did twirl and prance,
Till the melody was done.
Then I smiled with a contented soul,
To have once more heard your little bell tole.

She had a unique laugh. It was high but not squeaky, instead it rang like a bell. I loved to hear her laugh.