I’ve Got a Girl

I’ve got a girl,
Who makes my heart unfurl,
My emotions, she makes twirl,
This very special girl.

She’s cute as a kitten,
So sexy it can’t be written,
I’d find it very fitting,
If next to me she were sitting.

She is spicy as cinnamon butter,
She doesn’t fill her mind with useless clutter,
She is always good to me,
And who I am she tries to see.

I want to explore her mind,
And see all there is to find.
We seem to fit like a hand and glove.
So this is what some call love.



Fake World

All around me I see glitter,
And people who smile and titter.
But I’m not sure what to make,
Of these people so blatantly fake.

I’m sick of this facade.
It’s nothing more than a charade.
I see the sweet life on Instagram,
And know its nothing but a sham.

All I can think when I look at Pinterest,
Is of lonely people trying to gain the interest,
Of others and thus their approval.
They some how think this will result in the removal,

Of the loneliness they feel.
On this same subject I have to ask what is the deal,
Regarding the value they put in a Facebook friend,
Of which they have thousands who are like chaff before the wind?

Not one of these ‘friends’ is really known,
And these people are still alone.
It is merely an illusion,
They create to hide the seclusion,

Which they retreat further into everyday.
This can be seen by the way,
They are too lazy to stand face to face,
With people and have the normal interactions that are the base,

Of genuine friendship and of being sincere.
Instead they let simple fear,
That they will have to face communal rejection,
Poison the way they see their own reflection.

~ IV