I’ve Got a Girl

I’ve got a girl,
Who makes my heart unfurl,
My emotions, she makes twirl,
This very special girl.

She’s cute as a kitten,
So sexy it can’t be written,
I’d find it very fitting,
If next to me she were sitting.

She is spicy as cinnamon butter,
She doesn’t fill her mind with useless clutter,
She is always good to me,
And who I am she tries to see.

I want to explore her mind,
And see all there is to find.
We seem to fit like a hand and glove.
So this is what some call love.



Thoughts Before The Breakup

It isn’t always fun.
To look in the smiling face of one,
You hold in high esteem
And make a nightmare of her dream.

It’s never fun to watch falling tears.
Never once will I enjoy it in all my years.
I want to give others joy and mirth,
Every day I walk the earth.

But that cannot be,
Not till the new heaven and earth we see.
Sometimes hard kindnesses must be given others,
For the greater good, despite my druthers.


To My Ex: I Wish You Well

Ex, you silly girl.
You set my head a’whirl.
I never knew what to do with you.
And I think you knew so too.

I pity you now I see your life.
Though I’m glad I didn’t make you wife.
For you everything has turned out sad,
Because your choices were all so bad.

I still love you from afar,
I know that seems bazar.
I would never take you back,
But I hope you gain all you lack.

I hope you find contentment,
And learn to give up fruitless resentment.
I hope that monster gets off your back,
So you get your life back on track.

I hope you start to eat again,
And don’t die from being sickly thin.
And whatever haunts you and makes you act out,
That you find a way to make it take route.

So your life could be lived in peace,
And your self destruction would finally cease.
So you can salvage what’s left of life,
And finally be free from your strife.