I’ve Got a Girl

I’ve got a girl,
Who makes my heart unfurl,
My emotions, she makes twirl,
This very special girl.

She’s cute as a kitten,
So sexy it can’t be written,
I’d find it very fitting,
If next to me she were sitting.

She is spicy as cinnamon butter,
She doesn’t fill her mind with useless clutter,
She is always good to me,
And who I am she tries to see.

I want to explore her mind,
And see all there is to find.
We seem to fit like a hand and glove.
So this is what some call love.



I’m Taking Myself Out

I’m tired of waiting on her to have fun.
Around hope of her arrival my life has been run.
I’ve been hoping for her to arrive for years.
And I’ve waited with loneliness and tears.

Now I’ve come to a new decision,
My old plan has gone through revision.
I’m no longer saving date ideas for her.
Now I’m taking myself out as it were.

No girl has given me the chance to take her out,
But I’m not going to sit around and pout.
I’m going to show myself a good time.
I will not spare a dime.

Girls, you missed your chance.
I’m taking up a new stance.
Now I’m going to spend my money on me.
And go to each destination and do every activity,

That I had planned out so carefully,
And hoped so prayerfully,
Would give a girl a good time.
Now I’ve reached the end of this rhyme.