I had a wife.
She was my life,
But it was a time filled with toil and strife.
I loved her dear.
And without fear.
Then came the day to shed a tear.
She asked to move on,
She told me not to miss her when she was gone.
It felt like my heart was staked to the lawn.
I fought.
But her love couldn’t be bought.
So I gave in and accepted my lot.
One thing in life I’ve been shown.
All my relationships have been blown,
And I am meant to be alone.



Love Letter To My Darling

Oh my darling, I love you so.
You are my everything and cure my woe.

I feel strong when you stand beside me.
And your wisdom helps me clearly see.

My love for you blooms like a flower.
It grips me with ever growing power.

I cannot escape it. I am your slave.
Though others may think I rant and rave,

For the first time ever my path is clear.
My purpose is to hold and protect you my dear.

To the world you will be my wife.
But to me, you are my life.


I’ve Got a Girl

I’ve got a girl,
Who makes my heart unfurl,
My emotions, she makes twirl,
This very special girl.

She’s cute as a kitten,
So sexy it can’t be written,
I’d find it very fitting,
If next to me she were sitting.

She is spicy as cinnamon butter,
She doesn’t fill her mind with useless clutter,
She is always good to me,
And who I am she tries to see.

I want to explore her mind,
And see all there is to find.
We seem to fit like a hand and glove.
So this is what some call love.


A Love Poem

I can always count on you.
To me you have always been true.
Your warmth always soothes my pain,
And you ease my mind of strain.
On cold nights I know you’re there.
And so I will always care.
You never fail to interest me,
With all your spectrum that I see.
In winter you are steamy and hot,
And you occupy my waking thought.
In summer you sooth me with coolness.
Always sweet and and without bitter cruelness.
You will always be the one for me.
No other drink is as good as tea.


Thoughts on Being Single

Once again I’m single.
Soon enough I’ll start to mingle.
I’m sad things did not work out.
But at the same time I lack doubt,

That I will be alright.
For though I may have lost this fight,
There is a new feeling of possibility.
Though I know there is small probability,

Of finding the dream girl, I am set free,
To look and search and see.
It seems to be the hunt that provides the thrill.
And that’s just a matter of will.

So perhaps I’ll just search forever,
Or maybe just till whenever,
I find little Miss Right.
That should be quite a sight.

Till then I’ll enjoy my space.
I’ll take pleasure in the race,
And run hard even if I don’t expect to win,
To do otherwise would be a sin.


A Rant On Love

Love never got me anything but misery and pain,
So I’ve broken that chain.
I don’t love anyone or anything.
Whenever that thought starts to take wing,

I remind myself that no one cares,
About how my life fares.
It’s very easy to see,
When I remember what loving did to me.

I will love no one.
With the subject I am done.
I see no reason to beseech,
For that which is out of reach.


Will I Ever be Loved?

Will anyone ever love me?
I wonder as I drift upon life’s sea.
I watch my youth as it rolls by.
And see a stream that will soon run dry.

As time passes on and I stay still,
And my hourglass begins to fill,
I ask myself, what have you done?
That would ever truly win someone?

Your skills are poor,
And once more,
You lack good humor,
And there is no rumor,

Of you being kind or brave.
None of the things, which women crave.
With no outstanding traits on which to lean,
How can I expect to win a queen?

The things at which I excel,
Are those against which most rebel.
Honesty is no longer a virtue.
But is seen only as a means to hurt you.

Women don’t really look for loyalty and care.
But only at the trends that you wear.
Briefly I was once adored,
Till she realized that she’d grown bored.

That while steady as a rock,
I’m as interesting as a sock.
To one’s life I’m a drag,
The voice of reason tends to lag,

And slow the fun in which others partake.
Black and white is what I make,
Of the rainbow which they see.
So I’m an I and not a we.