Me: things I like and don’t

I hate my pride,
And the way I’m never satisfied.
I love my drive to work and make,
Even if it’s just for motion’s sake.
I hate my reluctance to make a stand,
Even when the embers of my anger are fanned.
I respect my lack of complaints,
Though it doesn’t put me with the saints.
There are many sides to me,
Some I love, others a don’t want to see.
I have good traits and bad,
Some are happy, some are sad.
I try to maintain self respect,
Though I know I’ll never be perfect.



A Statement Regarding Poetry

I would like to make a statement regarding what I write.
I’m not trying to cause a fight.
A poem is a personal art.
It’s purpose is to reflect the heart.
It should not be critiqued by others,
Because that sort of input simply smothers,
The author’s ability to express feeling,
And prevents that inner healing,
That comes from having a voice.
I wrote my poem that way by choice.
If you like what you see then say what you like,
But don’t tell me how to hold my mic!
The stage is mine, just sit and listen,
Watch and see my raw emotion glisten.
If you’d say the words differently then write your own.
Don’t try to force me to be a clone,
Of your thoughts and emotional need.
My writing may never commercially succeed,
Or make me well known.
But at least it’s my own.
And if someone took the time to read each one.
They would know me better when they were done.