Me: things I like and don’t

I hate my pride,
And the way I’m never satisfied.
I love my drive to work and make,
Even if it’s just for motion’s sake.
I hate my reluctance to make a stand,
Even when the embers of my anger are fanned.
I respect my lack of complaints,
Though it doesn’t put me with the saints.
There are many sides to me,
Some I love, others a don’t want to see.
I have good traits and bad,
Some are happy, some are sad.
I try to maintain self respect,
Though I know I’ll never be perfect.



Thoughts on Being Single

Once again I’m single.
Soon enough I’ll start to mingle.
I’m sad things did not work out.
But at the same time I lack doubt,

That I will be alright.
For though I may have lost this fight,
There is a new feeling of possibility.
Though I know there is small probability,

Of finding the dream girl, I am set free,
To look and search and see.
It seems to be the hunt that provides the thrill.
And that’s just a matter of will.

So perhaps I’ll just search forever,
Or maybe just till whenever,
I find little Miss Right.
That should be quite a sight.

Till then I’ll enjoy my space.
I’ll take pleasure in the race,
And run hard even if I don’t expect to win,
To do otherwise would be a sin.


Self Description

I’m not cool.
I’m also not a fool.
I know my faults and limitations.
I don’t kid myself with petty imitations,
By acting like I’m more than I’m not.
Oh I’ve had the thought,
That it would be nice to be the cool guy.
The one who acts so fly.
But I know that’s not what I was meant to be.
I’m simply meant to be just me.
Nothing more and nothing less.
That’s enough for me I guess.
I’m neither strongest nor fast,
And my teachers were generally aghast.
As a specimen I’m small,
For I’m not so very tall.
I never won a trophy of gold.
And so truth be told,
I think my only remarkable feature,
Is my understanding of what kind of creature,
That I am.
Neither a lion, nor a lamb.
I do the best I can.
I’m just a man.