Me: things I like and don’t

I hate my pride,
And the way I’m never satisfied.
I love my drive to work and make,
Even if it’s just for motion’s sake.
I hate my reluctance to make a stand,
Even when the embers of my anger are fanned.
I respect my lack of complaints,
Though it doesn’t put me with the saints.
There are many sides to me,
Some I love, others a don’t want to see.
I have good traits and bad,
Some are happy, some are sad.
I try to maintain self respect,
Though I know I’ll never be perfect.



Man: A Noun

To be a man is many things.
It is to sit on the throne,
and to walk alone.
It is to have great power,
but never to cower.
One has to stand strong when feeling weak,
and show his pride by being meek.
To be a man is many things.

A man’s life is full.
A man must be a rock,
when others reel in shock.
Always there when others need.
Always kind in word and deed.
He is solid, dependable and wise.
Any fear he tries to disguise.
A man’s life is full.

A man is noble.
A man’s word is his bond.
He cherishes it as the fairy her wand.
A man knows to be humble,
when his manners he did fumble.
And it is an absolute must,
that in his Maker he doth trust.
A man is noble.